Deric McNish


Deric McNish with phonetic pillows

Deric McNish is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Theatre at Michigan State University where he also serves as Program Director for a thriving BFA in Acting program. As the primary voice, speech, and dialects instructor, Deric is the resident voice/dialects coach for the MFA and BFA acting program. He teaches students in MSU's English Language Center, as well as courses on Disability in Performance in the Integrated Arts and Humanities Program.

He teaches primarily in the BFA and MFA Acting programs, offering courses in a variety of approaches to acting, voice, speech, and dialects. He has created courses for the Integrated Arts and Humanities program such as Disability in Performance, as well as courses for the English Language Center that use performance techniques to help MSU's international students learn English language and American culture.

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Courses Developed at Michigan State University

Spartan Helmet

Five new graduate courses for the MFA in Acting:

Several new undergraduate courses:

Courses Taught at the University of Michigan


Courses Taught at the University of Colorado Boulder